Adding DFS Shares in Topology Builder

​Today I ran into an issue, as a customer I am currently installing Lync Server 2010 for was looking to use their already established DFS file share with Lync. This feature has been supported since the dawning of OCS14, but funny enough not something that could be accomplished in the TB.

Since CU5 in February this was something that MSFT fixed, as stated in the KB article. Nevertheless, I could not get it working. Entering a DFS root and the share name (Share name = dfsroot\share) only resulted in an error. This was despite that CU5 had been applied to the Administrative Tools, TB included.

By the end of the day a colleague made contact, as she was struggling with an Edge server where the A/V Edge and Auth services would not start after the customer had done some changes to the network infrastructure.

Funny enough, we would both end up fixing our problems in the same way. For her it was a complete reinstall on a fresh server (having already tried to reinstall only Lync an SQL components) that made the trick. With me it was

  • uninstall Administrative Tools​
  • reinstalling Administrative Tools
  • applying the CU5 for Administrative Tools
Then, in the TB, I could add a new Fileshare location and change the current assosciation to point to the new FS utilizing Server FQDN = domain.local and share = dfsroot\share.

One thought on “Adding DFS Shares in Topology Builder

  1. Thank you for this two-part piece on the Lync Monitoring role. Can you create a RSS Feed your your blog? I will certainly hit your site on the regular, but it would be great to also call up some of your articles daily on my reader.

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