Lync Server 2013 and Enterprise Voice issues

Had a “funny” problem the other day, where a customer who I installed Lync Server 2013 for was struggling. They were experiencing that incoming calls would appear twice (two toasts) whenever simultaneous ring or Call-forwarding was enabled. Normal outbound calls to the same forwarded number was working. I set up a test account myself, but for me the Call would just terminate if sim-ring or Call-forwarding was enabled. Since my Lync running the test account was on a Virtual machine with no sound Device, I was not sure whether I could trust the results.
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The new Centralized Logging Service

In December 2012 I did my first customer install of Lync Server 2013. Up until then I had only toyed around a little with a lab install of the Preview / Evaluation software, and had not really gotten familiar with the new type of logging tool that comes with Lync Server 2013.
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Moving my blog to WordPress

I finally decided to move my blog from my Office 365 / Sharepoint Online site to WordPress. To establish my blog in the first place I had to do a great deal of research on how to bypass the shortcomings of the Small Business Subscription plan I was running there, and the Public facing site was not initially set up to support blogs for example.

I am also more satisfied by the way this blog (WordPress) appears in both browsers and mobile devices, as well as the Widgets and so on, readily available.

New posts will be put here, and for the old ones I will be moving them continuously.

Hope you find as much pleasure reading my posts as I do writing them!

Windows 8 and Hyper-V VM in full screen

​The year is 2013. January 1st. The first blog post of the year…already. I thought I should kick off by clarifying a matter I have been discussing with two colleagues of mine (@StaleHansen and @aldawson2011), where I also have to admit that they were partly right…as my scenario was like in the below post.

This Christmas Holiday project for me was installing Windows 8 on my laptop, really starting to use it at work.
Previously I had installed it on both a virtual machine as well as on a demo workstation at work, but to really tap into
the bits and pieces of the new OS I had no choice but taking the full leap.

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