Lync client codecs

I have been missing this sort of overview on the Lync Clients for a while, somewhere to get a summary on the different protocols and resolutions/bandwidths of the different Lync Clients. TechNet and other sources I’ve come across are only showing some parts on the subject.

So ultimately I put together this “Matrix”, although not complete. As you can see I lack the info on what kind of voice proto’s being used for Lync:Mac 2011. I do not suspect that this is different from the Lync 2010 Client for Windows (since these are communicating) – but I cannot prove it.

Here is the summary I’ve been able to do this far:

Clients overview

Some remarks from the table are
*1: If Your Android Device supports the Qualcomm 8×60, send rate is 640×480@15fps
*2: Windows Mobile Devices will support hardware offloading on transcoding