Lync Management Shell not working – “a certificate was explicitly revoked”

The other day I ran into a strange issue: When opening Lync Management Shell on one Front End, I was prompted to trust “Microsoft Corporation” as a Trusted issuer. Now, immediately this got me worried, although the certificate details looked legitimate. After some review, I chose the “Run once” option to see what happened next, only to be prompted over and over again. By now I got fed up and hit “Never run”. Bad mistake, as the Management Shell or import-module Lync in Powershell now would not work any more.

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Active Directory Powershell cmdlets failing…what is port 9389?

I was working on a Project With a customer where they are running a Lync pilot for about 150 out of 10,000 employees. Considering the size of the customer, along With the fact that they are very Security-minded, the infrastructure is quite complex. For instance, all the Lync related servers are placed in a separate VLAN/subnet With strict firewall Access lists governing traffic. I am no stranger to the comprehensive requirements for ports in a Lync topology, and thought I had it all covered. Continue reading